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We want to help you discover your difference while working with Innovative. Spice up the workplace with all the breakroom and coffee essentials to keep your team energized. Break free from over-stocking and learn what it means to power the breakroom with Innovative.

Discover Your Difference

At Innovative, we continually strive to make a difference in the lives of our customers and the organizations we partner with. We ultimately want our clients to thrive, grow and prosper as a result of working with us. In 2022, we aspire to showcase the unique differences that fuel our customer’s success, and we want you to discover the difference, and that’s Innovative.


From single cup to large batch brewers, we’ve got the brands you love and the coffee you can’t live without!


Fresh or frozen, sweet or savory, we’ll keep you stocked with a full assortment of goodies to keep the team fueled.


From food utensils to coffee creamers, we’ll make sure your breakroom checklist is marked complete!


From compostable to sustainable, we’ll make it easy for the breakroom to go green with the perfect eco-friendly products!

Be the Difference.

ECO-FREINDLY PRODUCTS & SERVICES Innovative is in a unique position to help our clients meet their sustainability goals through our workplace solutions. Our customer-focused approach allows us to provide sustainable facilities, restroom, and breakroom items, furniture, technology, and office products that power today’s workplaces. Our team has the experience and expertise in finding, sourcing, and supplying products that are good for the environment including biodegradable and recycled content options.


  • Recycle-Friendly Packaging

  • Appropriate Carton Sizing

  • Internal Recycling Program


  • Mixed Fleet Size

  • Route Planning

  • Efficient Ordering Practices


  • LEED

  • WELL Building Standard

  • Fitwell

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