In partnership with the Minnesota Wild, we are the sponsor of the Minnesota Wild Charity of the Month Program. Throughout the NHL season, we feature a new charity each month. This months selected charity is Firefly Sisterhood!

Firefly Sisterhood provides one-to-one social and emotional support to women who have been impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis. At Firefly Sisterhood,they exist to bring light and hope to women on their breast cancer journey. Their unique community and mentoring program fosters connections that extend the patients support network beyond the family and medical community to include amazing women that had similar experiences. Whether you’ve just received a breast cancer diagnosis or your decades past, they will match you with a Guide – an inspirational survivor and thriver whose experience is similar to your own.


The mission of the Firefly Sisterhood is to foster one-to-one connections between women diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors and thrivers that serve as their Peer Mentor Guides. Their goal is a future where no woman faces breast cancer alone.

Firefly Sisterhood’s supportive services are free and delivered at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, and into survivorship. With Firefly Sisterhood, no woman faces a breast cancer diagnosis alone. Since 2014, Firefly Sisterhood has matched over 2,300 women impacted by breast cancer with a mentor in our program. They are proud to say that they have trained over 365 breast cancer survivors and thrivers to become Peer Mentor Guides that volunteer their time in their program to support other women in their breast cancer journey.

Throughout the year, Firefly offers 24 training sessions on a variety of topics within breast cancer and survivorship both in-person and virtually. This helps to ensure their volunteers feel equipped to provide emotional and social support to others impacted by breast cancer through their shared and similar experience. Research shows that the breast cancer journey can be far less frightening with the support of a survivor who has been through a similar experience. The Peer Mentor Guides in their program has also found a source of hope and inspiration in their own survivorship through helping others along this journey.

I joined as a Firefly Guide seeking to support those starting their breast cancer journey to feel heard and understood in a way that uniquely happens with someone who has shared a similar experience. I didn’t anticipate how much these connections, both big and small, would positively impact my own survivorship journey. I feel gratitude for this community and the connections it makes possible”

A Firefly Sisterhood Peer Mentor Guide