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Along with the Minnesota Twins, we are sponsors of the Double Plays for Charity program. During the regular MLB season, each time the Twins complete a Double Play, Innovative will donate $100 to People Incorporated (up to $2500 maximum) for the first half of the 2024 season.

About People Incorporated

People Incorporated was founded in July 1969 on the belief that those living with mental illness must not be isolated, removed, or otherwise segregated from their communities but instead should be “incorporated” and supported within the communities in which they choose to live. Through this work, they help individuals to take back control of determining the kind of life they want to build for themselves. People Incorporated believes in their clients and are proud of their journey of life-changing goals.


“Transform the health of communities through innovative solutions. We lead our industry in providing a system of care predicated on excellence and inclusivity in behavioral health treatment, community support, and education. We accomplish this through our people, our partnerships, and our passion.”

Today, People Incorporated is the largest nonprofit community-based provider of mental health services in Minnesota. They fill the societal gaps so that more of our neighbors have access to services that support recovery and healing, instead of leaving individuals to struggle in emergency rooms, jails, or other sources of trauma. You’ll find their team checking in with people living in homeless encampments, embedded in local police departments, collaborating with students and teachers in schools, supporting people working towards recovery in one of our crisis or treatment programs, and meeting people in their homes and in the community. People Incorporated’s integrated holistic model ensures clients can seamlessly transition to the next step in their journey – based on the goals they choose for themselves – with the support they need.



  • Commit to equality, parity, and access
  • Celebrate unique voices and contributions


  • Steward resources effectively to achieve and sustain our charitable mission
  • Champion responsive action with authenticity


  • Remain agile in the creation of solutions
  • Use data and learning to inform and create change


  • Drive action
  • Transform lives and communities

People Incorporated serves more than 10,000 discrete clients per year through 20 plus programs, including crisis residences, outpatient clinics, outreach to people experiencing homelessness, Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS), case management, and behavioral health services. One of their programs is called Artability, which provides free art therapy through public workshops to anyone in the community who self-identifies as having a mental health condition. Each October, the program culminates in an art show for the public to promote mental health in the community, at which participating artists have the opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork. Not only does Artability provide a space for participants to tap into the creativity within themselves, but it presents art as a powerful tool for self-expression, healing, personal growth, and fun. This year’s show takes place on October 25th and 26th at the Union Depot in Saint Paul, and all proceeds go back to the artists and into future Artability programming.

People Incorporated is especially proud of how they integrate their programming into community-facing sectors. They currently have mental health professionals embedded in the Saint Paul Police Department and the Roseville Police Department, the Saint Paul Public Library system, and the Emergency Shelter run by Our Saviour’s Community Services. These partnerships enable People Incorporated to meet their clients where they’re at, creating long-term, low-barrier, and person-centered solutions to mental health care access.