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Along with the Minnesota Twins, we are sponsors of the Double Plays for Charity program. During the regular MLB season, each time the Twins complete a Double Play, Innovative will donate $100 to a local charity (up to $5000 maximum). The selected charity for the first half of the season, Ellie Mental Health‘s Non-Profit, Luca Bos!

About Luca Bos

Luca Bos, a nonprofit organization powered by Ellie Mental Health, changes the demographics around mental health access and the way low-income families are supported when it comes to mental health resources. With the scholarship and field experience program for aspiring BIPOC therapists and the Complex Family Systems Sponsorship Program offered by Luca Bos. Opportunities will be opened for BIPOC individuals to enter the mental health field and low-income families will be receiving mental health resources that are needed! Guidance and support from one of the leading mental health organizations in the nation overseeing Luca Bos, lives will be impacted in a positive way for a lifetime!

Luca Bos Double Plays for Charity
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Currently in Minnesota, 98% of licensed therapists are white, which is disproportionate to the population in the state of Minnesota. Luca Bos is dedicated to its mission to build a larger community of racially diverse therapists who are equipped to help BIPOC clients heal from the racial injustices and trauma that our communities of color continue to face in today’s society. It is imperative that clients have access to a therapist who looks like them, and who they identify with, to build a level of trust that is necessary for a meaningful therapeutic relationship. Luca Bos plans to reach out to BIPOC students in their undergraduate programs who are studying liberal arts or social services and educate them about the different career paths available in the field of mental health and the need for BIPOC mental health professionals.

Undergraduate Scholarship and Field Experience (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Operations): Luca Bos  will work to find organizations that are willing to provide job shadow opportunities.  One of the organizations that will provide job shadow opportunities is Ellie Mental Health, a for-profit mental health agency. Luca Bos will work to partner with other mental health agencies, including state or county health departments and large hospital systems to put together a robust list of available field experiences for students to choose from. Field experiences will consist of 80 hours, completed over the course of a semester, with a combination of both hands-on training as well as job shadowing/observation. Employers who offer field experiences will be given a package of paperwork that must be completed and signed, and returned to Luca Bos, which will trigger the distribution on the scholarship money. Fund will be distributed to the individual participants in the form of a scholarship following IRS guidelines, and will remain tax free as long as it is utilized for tuition and other supplies (such as text books) at an accredited university.

The Complex Family Systems Sponsorship Program serves low-income families who are court-ordered to attend reunification or co-parenting therapy. These types of therapy are typically not covered by insurance companies and come with a high out of pocket cost due to the complex nature and training required for a therapist to be competent in this work. Due to the cost, many families who need this type of therapy are unable to afford it on their own. The Complex Family Systems Sponsorship Program subsidizes the cost for this critical service, making it possible for families to get the services they need. Eligible families are identified through an application process, processed by the Board of Directors based on income criteria and level of motivation from both parents.

Luca Bos and its Board of Directors are committed to providing community outreach to family attorneys, guardian ad litem, county social workers, parenting consultants, and other professionals whose clients are in need of this work in order to generate awareness about the sponsorship application process. Luca Bos will identify and collaborate closely with organizations who provide these services (including Ellie Mental Health) and are willing to

accept sponsorship dollars toward co-parenting and reunification services at their organization, generating a referral network for families. This activity will be funded by charitable donations and fundraising activities conducted by our board of directors, program coordinators and volunteer network.

About Ellie Mental Health

Ellie Mental Health vows to be really and truly different from other mental health care providers. The mental health field presents barriers not just for clients and the community, but also for the helpers, therapists, and creatives who do this work. Ellie knew that if it wanted to be truly different, it would have to problem-solve barriers in the field at all levels.



Ellie Mental Health gets creative in providing unique mental health services to all people–from the innovative approaches we take in shaping our agency’s programs and services, to the creative adaptation and application of therapeutic techniques that we use in each session. Ellie employs some of the most creative professionals in the field, and continuously aim to promote a culture of unconventional thinking and flexible problem-solving.



Sincerity, integrity and genuineness are all traits Ellie Mental Health aims to sharpen through honest self-reflection and ongoing self-development. At Ellie, they encourage all of their staff to continuously strengthen their relationship with their inner-self and to utilize this as a tool for professional growth and genuine interpersonal communication.



Ellie Mental Health believes that a good sense of humor is more than just a great tool for connecting with others; it’s an invaluable personality characteristic that demonstrates originality, creativity, genuineness and excellent critical thinking. Ellie staff utilize humor as a therapeutic technique for helping others to see problems in a new light, and as a means of cultivating a lighthearted, welcoming and playful environment for both our staff and clients alike.



Ellie Mental Health believes that all human beings experience pain and suffering, and that it is their duty to honor and respect their stories, challenges, tragedies, and dreams. Compassion is about bearing witness to the struggles of another living being and to “suffer with” them, by holding a space for them to safely give voice to their pain and their hope.



Ellie Mental Health believes that everyone, both clients and staff, can benefit from practicing. Ellie maintains an attitude of openness by welcoming and valuing differences. They strive to routinely practice acceptance- accepting ourselves, accepting others, accepting feedback, accepting changes, and accepting adversity.



Ellie Mental Health is determined to make a difference, and are highly motivated to do all that they can to support the goals and visions of those they serve. Ellie is also determined to find a way to overcome all obstacles standing in the way of delivering comprehensive mental health services to those who have fallen through the gaps in the traditional healthcare model.