Is your workplace prepared?

Make sure your workplace is stocked and ready for your team and clients! Here a workplace productivity checklist!

Start Shopping

Maybe your team has been in the office for months or maybe you’re making plans for employees to return in the coming days, weeks or months. Whatever your situation looks like, we’re hear to make sure your space is prepared, items are stocked and you’re ready for your team and clients to have a clean, healthy, safe and productive experience in your workplace.

Check out the list below!

  1. First Aid Kits – First make sure you have a first aid kit and second, remove any expired items and third, make sure it’s stocked with the proper safety essentials.
  2. Coffee, Snacks and Beverages – You most likely have an array of expired breakroom items, so make sure to toss those out and spice up your breakroom with your employees favorite coffee brands, snacks and beverages.
  3. AEDs – Make sure your workspace is equipped with the proper AEDs! Assuming these haven’t been used in quite some time, make sure your AED is properly functioning. The industry standard is to routinely inspect these devices at least one a month.
  4. Fire Extinguishers –  Take inventory of your extinguisher fleet and make sure they are up to date!
  5. Soap – Has your restroom soap been sitting for months? It may be time to change it out and start fresh!
  6. Ink and Toner – The last thing you want to do is run out of ink, or for that matter have ink that has dried up in your printers or copiers!
  7. Plug and Play Technology – As the workplace evolves so will the needs of each organization, and curating a quick and easy way to stay connected through technology is key!
  8. Furniture and Space Reconfiguration – Maybe you’re looking to remodel your space to entice team members back to the office or you have a new vision for what your space should look like, our experts are here to help guide you through the process!
  9. Towels and Tissue – Do you have healthy supply of towels and tissue? As things open up we may see a supply chain issue, so make sure you have the proper essentials stocked and available for your team.
  10. Office Essentials – Have you created a central spot for employees to grab the office essential they need to stay productive? Now may be the perfect time to get this set up!
  11. Cleaning Essentials – As more people return to the office, spaces will need to be cleaned and sanitized  frequently!
  12. Welcoming Your Team Back to the Office – Have you thought about giving your employees and clients fun branded items or a clean work kit to welcome them back? Now’s the time to start planning!

This list could continue, but we wanted to make it short and sweet to keep your day productive. Reach out to Innovative to get started, wherever you are!