Did you know that 86% of Americans equate the cleanliness of a restroom with the overall cleanliness of a business establishment? The restroom experience matters.

The Impact of Clean Restrooms Your Business

Why should businesses prioritize clean restrooms? Let’s explore the reasons why it’s crucial, along with some practical tips to enhance the restroom experience, ensuring customers and employees feel valued and comfortable.

  1. Customer Perception: A study published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management found that 95% of customers would avoid visiting an establishment again if they encountered unclean restrooms. Additionally, 75% of respondents indicated that they would tell others about their negative restroom experience. A clean restroom isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s a must to keep customers coming back for more.
  2. Employee Morale and Productivity: The condition of workplace restrooms can greatly affect how employees feel about their jobs. According to the American Restroom Association, a whopping 90% of employees say that the state of the office restroom impacts their overall job satisfaction. And 80% believe that it reflects how much their employer values them. Keeping your restroom experience positive can make a big difference in keeping your team happy and productive.
  3. Health and Safety: Now, onto the nitty-gritty: health and safety. The CDC says that good hand hygiene, starting with clean restrooms, is key to stopping the spread of germs. Research suggests that keeping restrooms clean can decrease employee sick days by up to 40%. That’s a win-win for everyone—fewer germs floating around means a healthier, happier workplace.
  4. Enhanced Customer Experience: A study in the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly found that customers are willing to spend up to 10% more at businesses with clean restrooms. And it’s not just about spending more—94% of folks say that a positive restroom experience makes them think more highly of a business overall. Investing in clean restrooms isn’t just good hygiene, it’s good for business too!

Tips for Elevating the Restroom Experience

The cleanliness of the restroom matters and it could be impacting your bottom line! Hygiene is no longer an option, it’s a priority and a responsibility. Here are some ideas to ensure your restroom experience receives 5 stars:

  1. Remove all hand dryersUsing a jet air dryer dispersed 1,300 times more germ particles than drying with paper towels. 95% of adults don’t wash their hands long enough to remove bacteria and viruses, and jet dryers blow those remaining germs around. Towels actually remove up to 77% of germs that remain. Learn more about air dryers vs. hand towels.
  2. Incorporate touch free fixtures – Try to make your restroom as touchless as possible. Incorporate censored facets, toilets, soap and towel dispensers.
  3. Air Purification – Did you know that indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Air purifiers will not only rid allergens and bacteria, it will also help eliminate restroom odor.
  4. Add door pullsDoor pulls are a great option to eliminate touching door handles. Instead of opening the door with your hand use a door pull instead!
  5. Install Door Handle Sheet Dispensers – Add door hand sheets next to the door so you can open it without directly touching the handle, and add a trash receptacle close to the door to easily toss the sheet before you exit.
  6. Invest in brand name soaps – Creating the perception that you care with brand name soaps, it will go a long way!
  7. Invest in 2-ply toilet tissue – Yes, we said it. The type of toilet paper you have in your restroom will make a difference and may even be talked about. Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing.
  8. Add air fresheners – Nobody likes a gnarly smelling restroom. Add air fresheners to not only neutralize the air, but give it a fresh scent.
  9. Take care of your restroom floor – Mops and mop buckets are out the window. Using proper floor cleaning techniques, solutions and products will be key to keeping your floors clean.
  10. Incorporate Cleanliness Signage – Add tips on washing hands and brag about what you’re doing to keep the restroom clean!

Bonus: Add your organization’s logo to your dispensers for more branding exposure!

Now we all know a good restroom experience speaks wonders. Don’t make this an option, make the cleanliness of your restroom a priority. Innovative is here to help you every step of the way! Contact our team to get started today!