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Will Your Office Be Ready for 2020?

Workplace trends for 2020 that will facilitate employee productivity and happiness.

The modern office is continuously evolving. With technology rapidly changing and developing, companies are looking for creative ways to improve employee’s performance while enhancing their well-being and happiness in the workplace. Providing your employees with the tools they need to be successful in the office is essential in today’s workforce. Inspiring a human-centric environment that feels authentic to the brand and culture.  As various factors continue to impact the workplace, we explored one key trend in each of our category offerings that will help keep you in tune with the 2020 workplace trends.

Office Essentials

Part of maintaining an efficient office is ensuring that everyone has access to the tools and supplies they need. While it can be difficult to decide which essentials an office can benefit from most; one resource that the entire office uses are office supplies. With sustainability initiatives expecting a rise in 2020, providing environmentally friendly options has become increasingly important to employees. According to a recent survey by Ipsos Mori, 80% of respondents would prefer working for a company that “has a good reputation for environmental responsibility”. In reaction to the rise in environmentally conscious consumers, office supplies have seen a surge in products made from recycled materials. Offering green products not only increases employee happiness but also helps recruit new talent and retain existing workers.

Cleaning & Facility Supplies

Having a clean and healthy workspace is instrumental when it comes to running a successful business. As dedication to the environment grows in the US, business owners have turned to green cleaning to enhance their sustainability initiatives.  Not only is green cleaning eco-friendly, it can also help your employees feel better. Unlike traditional cleaning products, green cleaning products do not contain harmful chemicals. Using natural solutions will reduce coughing, sneezing, headaches, and other sick symptoms. Green cleaning products won’t just help your team, but by choosing green cleaning products for your office, you can protect your health and the planet too.

Workplace Branding

When it comes to workplace branding, promotional products are a great way to create a brand experience that will last. As a result of the rise in health and wellness trends, there has been an emphasis on promotional items connected to fitness. Wellness-related promotional materials are ideal for both potential customers as well as your own employees. In fact, they are particularly popular as part of internal incentive and recognition programs designed to improve employee health and well-being by building motivation and offering a range of wellness benefits. This not only keeps your workforce happy, but it is perfect exposure for your business outside of the workplace.

Breakroom Products

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed workplace beverages. It is an integral part of workplace culture and one of the biggest breakroom trends to look at for 2020. Americans consume 400 million cups per day and 43% of employees start their day with coffee. With 85% of employees believing coffee breaks are important, it becomes necessary to supply great coffee options in your workplace. Americans are also drinking specialty coffee now more than ever before. However, over half of workplaces offer only a drip coffee maker. Providing machines that allow personal choice helps employees feel valued and appreciated. Personalized beverages has become the norm.

Furniture & Design

Office design has evolved immensely over the years. Transforming cubicles to open floor plans and designated desks to free address office plans.With this, offering variety in the workplace is one of the most important trends in office design today. Many businesses are moving towards activity-based work spaces, offering employees the freedom and flexibility to choose a space that will spark creativity and energize ideas. It is important to provide light, sociable areas as well as cozy, quiet, distraction-free corners. Figuring out the best way to service all of your employees with insightful office design isn’t always an easy task. The goal is to serve every type of worker and every possible activity with a different space. By offering choice, people can curate their environment to the specific job they are trying to accomplish.

Technology & AV Solutions

Technology is always changing and so are the ways we collaborate in the workplace. Over the next three years, video will be standard in business meetings. Even within the past five years, video has moved from something of a specialist tool into the mainstream of B2B communications. In fact, in a recent European study, 86% of respondents prefer meetings that embrace technology.  Providing your employees with the necessary Audio Visual equipment will improve virtual meetings from Web Conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Employees now expect technology in the workplace to keep pace with the consumer technology they are a custom to. Because of this, corporations should act now to ensure their meeting room’s equipment is capable of sustaining changing employee expectations and demands.