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Adapt to the evolving workplace

People have changed the way they work and  it’s now time to reboot and reimagine your printing environment to work the way work now works!

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When was the last time you thought about your office printing machines? When was the last time you analyzed who is printing what, how often and how many? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Research suggests that many businesses may be underusing their print devices. As the workplace evolves and the way people work has changed, it’s time to analyze and reimagine your printing environment.

What to Know

We’re seeing a shift from “centralized” printing to “decentralized” printing

What this means is people are shifting away from a central printing location where everyone would print to a large machine. On average a 30 to 1 employee to device ratio. The new “decentralized” concept is around a 4 to 1 employee to device ratio where smaller pods of people are sharing a printing device with some organizations deploying individual printers.

Before - Reimagine Your Printing Environment


After - Reimagine Your Printing Environment


Meet sustainability targets with updated printers

Newer printers on average use 30% less energy and 20% less ink and toner compared to traditional legacy printers. New printers will ultimately save both money and energy efficiency so the pay off is worth it!

Make indoor air quality a priority

Want to make sure your workplace environment air quality is at it’s best? We can help you test your air quality (IAQ) performance and recommend supplies to meet eco-standards. Learn more!

Managing and analyzing your printing fleet is extremely important, and what better time than now to get this project under way. That’s where our team comes in! Innovative will help asses your printing fleet and provide recommendations and insight to help meet your business goals! Contact us to get started today!


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