IIDA Northland Chapter

Fusion+Fashion 2019 was held at First Avenue on Friday, November 22.  Alongside local members of the design community, we competed in a non-traditional, project runway style fashion show where garments are created out of non-traditional building materials. Each participant selected a music icon and decade to portray with their outfit and stage performance. Our inspiration for the event was Queen in the 1970’s.

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Our Design

One of Freddie Mercury’s most iconic looks was inspired by a wedding dress. Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes made some sketches for Mercury based on the wedding dress cape shirt which he and the band dug, and Rhodes whipped up Freddie’s white satin stage-wear. We used this idea for our outfit, creating our cape from Designtex Ori Drapery and 3-Form Parametre-Mega.

If you have seen the recent biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, then you have seen the white satin ensemble Rhodes made for Mercury over forty years ago. Our flare pants (also, originally constructed by Rhodes) were created with a chair mesh from Keilhauer.

Freddie Mercury’s black and white harlequin stage costume was one of Freddie Mercury’s most recognizable stage designs and he wore it for a number of high profile concerts in the 1970’s. With this outfit in mind, we constructed our vest using Arc-Com Harlequin-Violet and Architex Twinkle-Sagittarius.

We had such a great time participating and dressing up in 70’s style apparel. We cannot wait to join the competition again next year.

A special thank you to ArchitexArc-ComKeilhauer, and Designtex for contributing to our design.