USTA Northern wall graphic and workstations


USTA Northern is a non-profit organization that has a mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and northwestern Wisconsin. Core programs include USTA Leagues, Junior Team Tennis, and Junior and Adult Tournaments. They also support initiatives including Community Tennis, Tennis Infrastructure, National Junior Tennis & Learning, Beginning Youth and Adult Tennis, Collegiate Tennis, Innovative Tournaments, Special Events, Adaptive Tennis, and High School play. 


USTA Northern was ready to make a move. They worked with Innovative and BDH to:

  • understand employee needs
  • design and specify workplace products
  • integrate technology and power
  • install their new workplace solution

Prior to their move, Innovative hosted a visioning session with their leadership team and a co-creative workshop with all USTA Northern employees. The interactive process brought forward many good ideas while guiding the team to efficient and functional space improvements based on their employees’ needs.


During the discovery process we determined the following were the top objectives:

  • Understand workplace opportunities 
  • Gather employee feedback 
  • Prioritize workplace needs 
  • Create a new functional workplace 
  • Enhance the employee experience  
  • Create an open, collaborative activity-based environment 
  • Use the workplace to promote USTA Northern 


Innovative was able to provide multiple solutions for USTA Northern including:

  • Insights with Innovative:  survey, visioning session, employee workshop, findings presentation   
  • Furniture & Design: workstations, offices, wellness room, conference rooms, production space, café/break area, reception, storage  
  • Ergonomics:  monitor arms, laptop stands, sit-stand desks, zenergy ball, wire management  
  • Technology & Power Integration:  low voltage, TVs, monitors, conferencing, docking, keyboards, mice 
  • Workplace Branding:  branded clock

USTA Northern’s previous workplace had assigned seating. They transitioned to an activity-based free-address work environment that supports hybrid working and desk sharing. Staff now utilize more space types within the office than in their past office design.

used a variety workspaces in the old location
of employees now use other workplace settings.
of employees felt an increase in flexibility!


Based on findings throughout our co-creative process, here are insights that informed our results!  Hover over the photos to learn more.

Breakroom/Café satisfaction increased by 92%!

Conference Rooms that are flexible and adaptable.

Ability to work comfortably at a desk increased by 67%.

Incorporated a multifunctional production space with mail slots and supply storage.

Designed a reception area that doubles as a lounge space.

85% believe the level of connection, collaboration, and teamwork has increased!

Improved ergonomics and provided sit-stand desks.

Ability to support training and learning increased by 47%.

agree that the new workplace supports brand and vision, culture, and well-being!
employee satisfaction for functionality, aesthetics, and views in the new space.
agree they now have the tools and technology to do their best work!

“In deciding who to work with for our furniture, design suggestions, and technical assistance, there was no question in working with Innovative! They walked us through the best design layout that would accommodate our staff – helped us pick out coordinating furniture and colors, while always keeping our budget in mind.  During the move/installation, they were great – very professional, always checking in to see how things were going – we did run into a couple of furniture issues, but they were quick to fix those issues, with no additional cost to us.  We were very pleased with the end result and would highly recommend using Innovative to anyone looking to complete a project such as we did!”

Employees describe their new office as “Fresh/clean/modern, Innovative, Fun/playful, Creative/Leading-edge, Flexible, Open, Welcoming, Functional, and Great” and say, “The environment is 100 times better than the previous location. So appreciative of our amazing work environment! Viking Lakes is the best.” 

Employees, USTA Northern