Through a thoughtful co-creative design process we utilize our expertise, services and tools to help transform spaces and bring the students, staff and administration team to life. We create a custom solution right from the beginning by taking the time to understand goals and objectives. Together we can invigorate your learning environments!

  • Learning Spaces Strategy

  • Space Planning

  • Pilot Programs

  • Project Management

  • Inventory/Asset Management

  • Design Specification

  • Product Specification

  • Space Utilization Data

  • Financing



Our Project Management expertise shines through during the installation and implementation phase of the project. Expect response, reduction and relief that all project objectives will be executed effectively and efficiently!

  • Coordination

  • Delivery

  • Warehousing & Storage

  • Installation

  • Reconfiguration

  • Relocation

  • Inspection

  • Furniture Disposition


Our team is here from start to finish and beyond! We want to support you long after your project is complete.

Training & Education

Through our research and expertise, we have the ability to provide insight and present on an array of topics including; wellness, biophilia, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, indoor environmental quality, technology and furniture integration, acoustics, and more!

Post Project Support

We want to make sure clients have what they need long after the project is complete! We’re here to ensure each learning environment has the proper supplies and solutions so students, staff and the administrative team can perform at their best!