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Bring your team together, no matter where they’re working, and create a welcoming environment for everyone. User-friendly, crystal-clear video and audio tech from Poly empowers everyone to participate fully in meetings, without needing any IT experts. Give your communications an upgrade and see the difference it makes.

Explore customizable technology solutions for various meeting room types and sizes – Effortlessly connect your team, whether they’re working remotely or on-site, and foster a more engaging employee experience. Poly offers easy-to-use, high-quality video and audio technology that empowers everyone to participate fully in meetings, with minimal IT support required.


1-2 people | 8ft x 8ft

Designed for 1-2 people, this hybrid meeting rooms seamlessly supports wired and wireless connectivity, catering to various devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones through Bluetooth or plug-and-play technology. These rooms boasts integrated audio and video conferencing capabilities, featuring high-quality cameras and microphones for clear communication.



3-5 people | 10ft x 15ft

Perfect for groups of 3-5 people, small meeting rooms ensure that each participant has a notable presence. Utilize a smart camera, that can automatically focuses on active participants, ensuring everyone stays in the frame. This setup facilitates seamless conversations, allowing both in-person and remote attendees to engage in natural and interactive discussions.



6-11 people | 15ft x 20ft

Designed for groups of 6-11 people, medium meeting spaces offer the same participant presence as its smaller counterpart but caters to a more extensive and less intimate space. Perfect for collaborative sessions, it accommodates scenarios including a presenter guiding discussions, documenting brainstorming sessions, or a combination of the two. Ensuring active participants are consistently within the frame, is important for fostering a conducive environment for both in-person and remote attendees.



11-15 people | 18ft x 28ft

Designed for larger groups ranging from 11 to 15 people, large meeting rooms should capture participants both up close and at a distance, ensuring active contributors are prominently featured. Clear audio is essential for large groups and can often be challenge in the office. Additional audio devices equipped with noise-blocking technology may be necessary to ensure everyone is heard distinctly.



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