2022 Furniture & Design Trends

The Evolving Workplace

As we move into the new year and more workers start returning to the office, 2022 furniture & design trends will reflect the many ways our daily work has evolved and we are here for it! The focus has evolved and shifted to create spaces the embrace creativity and promote collaboration.

Adaptable & Flexible Office

Many companies have chosen to adopt a hybrid workstyle, making the way our offices look and feel very different. While our workplaces continue to evolve, adaptability & flexibility will be the main drivers of commercial 2022 furniture & design trends.

Touchdown Spaces

2022 Furniture & Design Trends Touch Down Spaces

As offices have been operating in a hybrid work setting, touch down areas have become a trend that allows workers to select a space as they enter the building instead of having assigned workstations. This option offers more flexibility to workers, as they can choose workspaces based on different kinds of daily tasks while giving the office a clean and organized feel.

Employee Choice

2022 Furniture & Design Trends Employee Choice

Having choice in our careers is important to employees now more than ever before.  A recent study by Flex Jobs show that more than 75% of workers would be more loyal to their organization if it offered flexible work options. Offering choice in the workplace on when, where and how employees complete their work is beneficial for creating a  productive, healthy, creative, and engaging work environment.

Mobile & Modular Furniture

Mobile - 2022 Furniture & Design Trends

Modular furniture and the flexibility it provides will become even more popular as more workers return to the office in 2022. Either combined or separately, these pieces can be used in various configurations, allowing offices to adapt to suit different demands and occasions. Movable walls and privacy screens are another example of flexible design that can help offices to be more adaptable to the needs of their employees.

Layout & Design

When planning out the design of your space, it is essential to listen to the needs your employees and clients to create an office that is inviting and functional. Make sure to consider the spaces and furniture that will best equip your workforce for their day to day tasks.

Home-Like Spaces

Home-Like Offices 2022 Furniture & Design Trends

Creating a cozy office with a homely atmosphere will become more popular as many employees are now used to working from the comfort of their own home. To create a comfortable and welcoming environment try incorporating; carpets/rugs, fun textiles, warm lighting, indoor plants or greenery, and most importantly, comfortable chairs & furniture.

Natural Elements

Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements in to your office design is important in influencing positive brain function, reducing stress levels, and increasing work performance. Including natural materials  and organic pallets in your design will help bring nature indoors. Provide natural lighting, indoor plants, and access to outdoor seating areas to have a positive effect on the physical and mental health of your employees & clients.

Open Plan

Open Plan Office

Many offices today have evolved to an open plan. In fact, around 70% of U.S. offices include some type of open floor plan. An open office is an open-plan work environment where there are limited enclosed office rooms or walled cubicles for employees. Open floor plans have trended in recent years, and will continue to be popular as they allow workers to spread out and be distanced. Open plans are a natural fit for the mobile mindset – a preference for using personal devices and spending less time in the office. An open plan supports a more collaborative environment, creating an engaging space when employees are in the office.


Teknion Tek Vue

Providing multiple types of spaces for different tasks is essential to creating a productive work environment. Have a mix of designated collaborative zones as well as quiet spaces to help keep everyone on task.

Collaboration Zones: Collaboration is one of the main driving factors for employees returning to the office. Make sure to incorporate small meeting spaces for employees to gather and brainstorm.

Quiet Zones: When there is a lot of noise around, it can be uncomfortable to work. In transformable offices, it is important to allocate quiet zones for important meetings and concentrated work.

Smart Offices

Plug & Play Technology

Plug & Play Technology 2022 Furniture & Design Trends

Plug-and-play technology is a catchy phrase used to describe devices that work with a computer system as soon as they are connected. PnP technology is important for shared spaces in the office; such as conference rooms, huddle rooms, break rooms, and touch down areas. Incorporating PnP supplies throughout your office allows employees to easily connect to the technology of each space.

Contactless Systems

Contactless Restroom

In recent years, many offices have been working on ways to minimize the number of contact processes in the workplace. This will continue to be a 2022 furniture & design trend as automatic systems reduce the spread of germs and disease while using shared applications & surfaces. You will see offices incorporating automatic doors, contactless restroom dispensers & toilets, card contact coffee makers, automatic reception check-in, and more!

Health & Wellness

Cleanliness & Safety

Cleanliness & Safety 2022 Furniture & Design Trends

As workplaces continue to prioritize health and safety and workers become more accustomed to these changes, commercial furniture trends will also evolve to support them. To help keep the office safe, it has become popular to use fabrics and materials that reduce the spread of germs and are easily cleaned as well as  incorporating mobile screens to create space and flexibility. Many workplaces are also updating their ventilation and incorporating air purifiers into their spaces to eliminate the spread of airborne diseases.


Ergonomics 2022 Furniture & Design Trends

Ergonomics is defined as the science of fitting a workplace to the user’s needs, aiming to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce discomfort. It is an important part of office wellness that we all should be conscious of. Whether you’re working remote or in the workplace, making sure you have the proper ergonomic set up for your workspace is key for productivity!

Mental Wellness

Supporting your employees mental well being helps provides them with a healthy mental state. Positive emotional well-being also helps employees perform well and feel their best at work. There are several ways to support mental wellness into your office design:

  • Onsite Meditation or Relaxation Rooms
  • Encouraging breaks and providing areas with “fun”
  • Provide social areas for employees
  • Incorporating nature indoors
  • Access to outdoor areas


Many companies are growing more conscious of sustainability and the environmental impact of their office furniture & design trends. These companies seek sustainable, durable furniture materials that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, recycled, recyclable, or repurposed. Through partnering with award winning sustainability furniture manufacturers, we are able to support our our internal an client’s environmental indicatives. From decommission programs and reconfigurations, to curating objectives to reduce carbon footprint, we’ve got your back.


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