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Whether it’s a quiet corner nook in your living room or a collaborative meeting downtown, where and how you do business isn’t one-size-fits-all. From comfortable seating in a guest lobby to an adaptable conference table to an efficient desk in a classroom, Innovative & HON are leading the way in providing smart solutions that deliver keen adaptability and remarkable aesthetics in any space, big or small.

The Adaptable Workplace

Office design isn’t just about the work—it’s about how that work gets done. There are infinite ways to design your workplace. No matter the layout, addressing the needs of the modern workforce is crucial. That’s why you’ll find adaptable workspaces are favored in most contemporary offices. Adaptable workspaces adjust to the needs of whoever is using them at any given time. It’s a space ready to support your employees as their tasks and focuses change. Here are a few elements that determine how adaptable and accommodating a workspace is:

  • Furniture: Desks and chairs are essential, but you need to accommodate how employees work. Ergonomics and mobility are must-haves, which makes pieces like sit-stand desks and rolling chairs with lumbar support popular furniture options in flexible areas.
  • Architecture: Design impacts workplace flexibility. From a small space for a few employees to collaborative workplace for larger companies, architecture should support space that’s easily accessible, plenty of light and depth, and built for comfort.
  • Control: There’s a fine line between flexibility and chaos. Flexible spaces may require order and planning —a “bend, don’t break” approach. Make sure to implement check-ins for workspace users, create rules for maintaining the space, and make flex spaces easily accessible.
  • Technology: Ensure flexible workspaces are supplied with power and data— utilize plug & play technology for easy transitions from employee to employee.
  • Agility: Adaptability and agility go hand-in-hand. An adaptable workspace is ready for the next employee almost immediately. Make these spaces easy to turn back to baseline and build in expectations for a reset after each user.

Spaces for You, Me, & We

Make Your Space Work

Envision the future workplace, not as a large solitary corporate office, but as a network of spaces that are easily adaptable and meaningful. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s extremely important to understand the needs of your employees and your organization to design purposeful and productive spaces. Not sure where to start? Get inspired and check out the different types of office spaces below!













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