Focus Rooms

According to a report by Gensler, the most significant factor for workplace effectiveness is not collaboration, but rather individual focus work.

According to a report by Gensler, the most significant factor for workplace effectiveness is not collaboration, but rather individual focus work. With the shift to open office plans, there is an increased need for focus rooms and privacy. In fact, 76% of U.S. workers strongly dislike “open offices”. The top reasons for this being lack of privacy, overhearing personal conversations, as well as difficulty in concentration.

Our design team created our downtown showroom with this in mind. While we have an open office plan, we incorporated three private/semi-private areas to signal the importance of privacy throughout the day. The three focus rooms feature Teknion’s Focus demountable wall systems. All doors have a soft feature and drop seal for greater acoustical privacy. Each room has a specific use and function – below we have outlined the furniture in each and why it works for us. We hope this sparks some interest for your space too!


The Furniture

A. National Mio Collaborative Table

Laminate: Designer | White Base: Platinum Metallic

B. National Exhibit Wall Mount

Back Laminate: Graphite | Shelf Laminate: Designer White

C. JSI Wink Stack Chair

Poly: Translucent Smoke | Frame: Chrome

Why it Works for Us

Huddle rooms are strategically small to medium size meeting spaces that are designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily. The purpose of this space is to collaborate privately with the option to use plug and play technology. In addition, you can play-up a space with creative shelving options shown in the image above. The shape of the table and base foster easy collaboration – no need to worry about hitting your knees on the table base! Through a vinyl application, you can get creative in wall design options. This is an easy way to bring your brand to life! The huddle room is also designed to enable team meetings and video collaboration using the 120-degree on-board camera. Through the on-board microphone and speaker system, everyone in the room is easily heard. Simply log into the collaboration suite of your choice and begin interacting in the room to share your content via web conference.


The Furniture

A. Studio TK Lasai Lounge Settee

Seat/Back: Luum Navigate, Pumice | Accent Fabric: Luum Fine Grain, Metallic Swarf | Frame: Basque White Oak

B. Studio TK Lasai Lounge Chair

Seat/Back: Luum Navigate, Pumice | Accent Fabric: Luum Fine Grain, Metallic Swarf | Frame: Basque White Oak

C. Studio TK Qui Occasional Table

Frame: Basque White Oak

D. Nevins Bio-Canvas Panels

Frame: Anthracite | Moss: Lime Green, Medium & Forest | Bark: Sustainable Poplar

Why it Works for Us

This room serves as a wellness/mother’s room. It is visually and acoustically private which allows for people to tuck away and feel comforted that their privacy is not at risk to outside guests. There are many reasons to have a designated, private space for employees to unwind. For example, this designated wellness space is an area for employees to focus on their health, recharge and escape the day-to-day stresses of work life. By adding the Bio-Canvas walls, it allows us to bring nature indoors. Above all, bringing nature into the workplace can help reduce stress and increase creativity and focus. The collection consists of preserved natural materials that require minimal maintenance and offer substantial benefits for your workplace.


The Furniture

A. Teknion Altos Landscape Height Adjustable Table

Laminate: Very White | Table Trim: Anodized Aluminum Wall | Laminate: Onyx Bristle | Wall Fabric: Luum Telecity Satellite

B. Teknion Sabrina Synchro-Tilt Task Chair

Fabric: Luum Outpress Raven | Frame: Ebony | Base: Polished Aluminum | Mesh: Iron

C. HON Flock Personal Table

Laminate: Brilliant White | Frame: Textured Satin Chrome

D. HON Grove Lounge Chair

Fabric: Clyde Blacksmith | Leg: Tapered Textured Satin Chrome

E. ArcCom Wall Covering

Hampton Gun Metal

Why it Works for Us

Our employees have everything they need to stay productive as this room is meant for true focus. The Altos height adjustable table is integrated into the wall, saving space by not having free standing legs. The Altos Landscape 4 inch wall can hold the adjustable table back to back. Also, this is the only wall on the market that can accommodate two desks and electrical in a small footprint. Another great thing about the furniture in this space is the power options. The furniture allows for great cord management which keeps this office showroom ready. Integrated into the desk unit are programmable switch capabilities.  One of the capabilities of the switch includes a sit-stand desk that can be operated manually or via timer. Incorporated in this space is a cross functional LED light with up-light and/or task capabilities. For maximum focus, the Teknion sliding door was added to keep this office as silent as possible. This is the only sliding door on the market that has all four sides completely sealed.

Office design is extremely important and it impacts the focus, productivity, and happiness of your employees. Click here to learn more about our furniture capabilities and let us help you design your space today.