The City of Andover and the YMCA collaborated in 2005 to provide the community with the Andover YMCA Community Center. The City of Andover operates the Indoor Ice Area, Sports Complex and Fieldhouse. The Andover Community Center boasts a comprehensive range of amenities, including two state-of-the-art ice rinks and a spacious multi-purpose room available for communal activities. The community center provides a friendly gathering place for family, civic and community groups. the ACC offers a variety of recreational, athletics, and educational activities.


The Andover Community Center faced several challenges in their facility. Firstly, there was a pressing need to enhance the appearance and functionality of their restroom dispensers. The existing dispensers no longer met the desired standards and required a new solution to improve their overall look and performance. Additionally, the center sought to find a cost-effective product that could accommodate a high capacity, ensuring a seamless experience for their visitors. Furthermore, the center aimed to establish a new source for cleaning chemicals, as well as acquire a new auto scrubber to optimize their cleaning operations.


The ACC had clear objectives in mind to overcome their challenges and elevate their operations.

  • Find one main source for cleaning chemicals, equipment, and supplies to streamline their procurement process.
  • Replace existing restroom dispensers to upgrade their look and functionality.
  • Streamline ordering and billing processes for increased efficiency.


Through close collaboration with Essity/Tork, we curated a customized selection of dispensers to match the Community Center’s requirements. This entailed employing a high-end, stainless steel dispenser in the main restrooms for a clean look, while opting for a more cost-effective dispenser in the remaining areas of the building to optimize resource allocation. Our skilled team at Innovative  installed all the dispensers, ensuring a seamless implementation process. Additionally, we worked closely with the community center staff to identify and procure a suitable replacement for their outdated auto scrubber. By arranging a visit to one of our trusted vendors and facilitating the use of a demo unit, we enabled the staff to discover a scrubber that perfectly met their needs. Furthermore, we successfully streamlined their cleaning operations by setting them up to order all of their cleaning chemicals and supplies directly from Innovative.


The impact of our solutions reverberated throughout the facility as we replaced paper towel, soap, and toilet paper dispensers. The customer expressed tremendous satisfaction with the the improved functionality and aesthetics. They have consistently placed orders for cleaning chemicals and supplies, reinforcing their trust in Innovative as their preferred supplier. The introduction of the new auto scrubber has been met with resounding praise from the community center, who appreciates its superior performance and efficiency. Andover Community Center’s overall happiness with the upgraded dispensers, combined with their continued engagement in ordering essential products and their admiration for the new auto scrubber, attests to the successful implementation of our solutions and the positive impact on their daily operations.






“Innovative has gone above and beyond to get us the products we need, from little things to large pieces of equipment. They’re always just a phone call away to get us any solution we need (pun intended).”

Sean Larson, Facility Coordinator, Andover Community Center