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In partnership with the Minnesota Wild, we are the sponsor of the Minnesota Wild Charity of the Month Program. Throughout the NHL season, we feature a new charity each month. This months selected charity is Elevate Hope House

About Elevate Hope House

Elevate Hope House is a 501c3 non-profit currently operating in Anoka County by serving young moms and their children experiencing homelessness. Their mission is to elevate hope for young, single moms and their children in crisis, by providing a safe home and an empowering support system, while each mom learns self-sufficiency and renews, restores, and regains her self-worth through the love of Christ. In short, their team seeks to empower young, single moms to renew, restore, and regain self-worth.


To empower young, single moms to renew, restore, and regain self-worth.


For every young, single mom to realize her self-worth, and ensure that her children and generations to come feel loved, valued, and empowered to achieve their dreams.

Elevate Hope House Story

At the age of 19, Elevate Hope House founder Melinda McDermott experienced a crisis pregnancy. Fortunately, she had a great support system of family and friends that loved her through this difficult new journey of being a mom at age 19. Yet, there are many young women that also face becoming a teen mom, but do not have anyone to love them through this time of fear and crisis. They do not have a support system and their lives are filled with uncertainty of what tomorrow will even bring for them. Without support, it is extremely tough to push through a crisis and conquer. These young women then find themselves often alone and unable to imagine a way to live their dreams and have a child at the same time.

Founded in 2017, Elevate Hope House is built on a hybrid transitional housing model, as they serve families anywhere from six weeks to two years, depending on the path and support each family needs when they enter our doors to take steps towards achieving self-sufficiency. EHH is not just a shelter; they provide programming and advocacy for each family, but most importantly – community. Community has become the heart of what Elevate Hope House encourages and relies on for growth and sustainability. Without community, their organization would cease to exist, as they are private-donor funded. EHH is thankful for the many organizations and individuals that have come alongside Elevate to ensure sustainability for their first home, and now  are seeking new partners so that they can reach more families in need.

In November of 2018, Elevate Hope House was introduced to the Oak Haven Church Congregation. A Pastor Home turned Missionary Residence was in transition, and the congregation was voting on how to move forward with the property. After a vote to sell the home, the congregation and leadership of Oak Haven met with the leadership of Elevate, and in February 2019, Elevate signed a 10-year agreement to renovate and take over the stewardship of this property. In partnership with Knights of Columbus, Oak Haven Church, Oak Hill Church, Northgate Church, and so many more volunteers, they were able to change a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home into a fully renovated 4 bedroom home with 3 full baths. Nearly days after inspections were complete, in the middle of the pandemic in Summer of 2020, families in crisis began moving into EHH’s new home to receive advocacy and housing from our community.

To this day, Elevate Hope House continues to serve families in crisis. Their families not only receive a safe place to call home, but they also receive advocacy, financial support, educational training, driving training, transportation, meal planning guidance, and more. The majority of EHH families come to them without a driver’s license, without a High School Diploma, and without the belief that they can truly be self-sufficient and support their family the way they desire. This is where Elevate comes into play. They work diligently to show them Christ’s love and encouragement so that they can start dreaming again. Not only can they start dreaming again, but they can achieve their dreams knowing they are no longer alone.

Elevate Hope House has many opportunities to volunteer. From becoming a Family Advocate and working 1:1 with a mom on her goals to simply transporting families – They have opportunities for everyone to work at the residency. In 2021, EHH began Grace Marie’s Parteas – a way to volunteer and support the mission of Elevate Hope House outside of the residency. The volunteers work monthly craft shows to raise awareness in the community and make connections to continue the mission of Elevate Hope House. Volunteers also create the merchandise that we bring to our craft shows. These volunteers can be students working National Honors Society Hours, small groups, families and more. They make it easy to get involved, and make memories for years to come. Reach out today on how to volunteer in 2024 and make an impact in the life of a family in crisis.

As we head into 2024, Elevate Hope House desires to serve more families, as their home is always full and a waitlist they are unable to serve. EHH has almost $300,000 towards expanding their organization to meet the needs of the community, but will not be able to open their next set of doors without further financial support. Consider becoming a Monthly Donor to support Elevate’s programming into the future. With $100 a month, you will help ensure a mom receives a monthly savings match of $100 each month to be saved and then used for a down payment or first and last month’s rent when they begin their next chapter after Elevate. At $300 a month, you can ensure healthy meal planning for our families by supporting grocery shopping and meal preparation for our family style dinners five nights a week. At $500 a month, you can continue Elevate’s Internship program with several local colleges and universities so Elevate can continue operating and reaching the community in new and innovative ways. To learn more about how your monthly partnership will support their families, visit their website, or text “Elevate Hope” to 44-321. Interested in supporting Elevate’s expansion plans to house more families in 2024? Text “SQFT” to 44-321, and help renovate the next bedroom for a family in crisis with Elevate Hope House.

Life is not easy for anyone. Even if things “come together” for a season, a support system helps ensure that when a difficult moment arises, our families will have someone they can always reach out to for encouragement and the reminder that they can persevere. All of our families since inception stay connected. Our relationships with our families do not end when they leave our home – just like family. Hebrews 13:2 is their organization’s foundational verse, which states “Do not forget to entertain strangers: for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” Every family, volunteer, leader, or donor understands that their organization is faith-based, and their platform is to share our faith through our actions – not requirements or expectations of their families. Elevate Hope House simply wants to be the community their families so desperately need when they come to their door. Consider becoming part of this community today. Consider becoming part of Elevate’s family.